Immerse In 3D Roulette
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If we had one criticism of online roulette, could it be that the game hasn’t really evolved over the years? And is that really a criticism? I refer you to the “if it ain’t broke” maxim. Although we’ve seen it transition from a traditional online game to various live dealer variations, it’s been pretty much all quiet on the Roulette development front (with the noted exceptions of Extreme Live Gaming’s innovative Roulette variations). Until now. Iron Dog Studio releases 3D European Roulette, delivering a truly immersive experience.

Spinning In The Third Dimension

3D European Roulette pretty much sums up what the game’s about. It’s classic European Roulette with slick, 3D graphics. Available on both mobile and desktop the game boasts crisp animation and silky smooth game-play that adds a new experience to online roulette.

Iron Dog has taken Roulette up a notch in terms of graphics and animations, but the studio has also added some sweet extra features not found elsewhere. Take the Neighbours Bet feature, for example. This gives players the chance to bet on different areas of where the ball may land on the wheel. To add more excitement to the game-play there is also the Rebet Feature, enabling us to place the same bet and spin automatically – as we’ve got our lucky numbers this was a great way to keep reusing them. Our favourite feature is found in the statistics section, as it gave us the chance to look at the stats of previous spins so we could identify trends to help us with the next round.

Taking Our Lucky Numbers For A Spin

Iron Dog Studio’s latest addition to online Roulette is sure to make rival gaming companies panic. Not just because it has 3D graphics, but its unique race track betting area creates a new way of playing. A fully immersive way to enjoy the classic game of Roulette. We’re hitting another plane of existence here, people.